You are working for a Travel Agent.
You are required to organise an overnight trip for 2 people to
London by public transport to see the Lion King Stage Show.

You will need to:
1. Book tickets for 2 people at the theatre for a particular date.
2. Organise return transport with train/bus times and prices.
3. Book a hotel for the night.
4. Find a map that shows the theatre, hotel and transport links.
5. Present the information for the customer.

(just screenshot the webpage when you are asked to pay for the tickets,
 transport, and hotel)

The learning objectives show you what you need to do or know at each level.
You should try to complete the work that will at least allow you to complete your target level.
You need to provide evidence in the form of annotated screenshots & explanations to show your achievements.
    TASK1: Deciding what Information to Collect    
Level 3  
(a) Explain the different places that information about the Lion King
     show can be sourced.
Level 4  
(a) List the information you are going to need to run the trip to see
     the lion King show.
Level 5  
(a) Explain the order in which you going to collect the information,
     giving reasons.
    TASK 2: Searching for Information    
    Level 3    
    (a) Search for Information about the Lion King show on the Internet.
(b) Present useful information you have found.
    Level 4    
    (a) Improve an Internet search about the lion King Show, transport to it, and hotel
      accommodation, by using AND, OR, NOT.
(b) Store useful links with bookmarks / favourites.
(c) Organise ‘favourite’ links into folders.
(d) Explain any ways of improving the way you search for information?
(e) Explain why the information I have found is suitable for the task.
(f) Explain the risks of downloading content from the Internet.
(g) Organise and present the information you have found.
    Level 5    
    (a) Use advanced Internet searches to find suitable information.
(b) Explain the advantages of carrying out an advanced search?
(c) Select and use information from several Internet sources and organise it in a format
     suitable for presenting.
    TASK 3: Understanding Copyright    
    Level 4    
    (a) Acknowledge the sources of information found.
(b) Explain the need to acknowledge the sources of information used.
    Level 5    
    (a) Explain what copyright is.
(b) Explain the implications of not gaining copyright permission when using information.
    TASK 4: Considering Primary & Secondary Sources of Information    
Level 4  
(a) Explain the differences between
     primary and secondary sources.
Level 5  
(a) Quote different examples of primary
      and secondary sources of information.
    TASK 5: Judging the Accuracy & Reliability of the Information Found    
    Level 4    
    (a) Explain how you checked the information found is accurate.
(b) Judge the information as found fact or opinion, giving reasons why.
    Level 5    
    (a) Check the accuracy of information by cross-referencing it with other information.
(b) Judge the reliability (trustworthiness) of the information and whether it is biased.
    Level 6    
    (a) Judge the validity of information using a variety of methods.
(b) Select similar information from different websites and judge it on validity (reliability +
, bias (fact or opinion), and relevance (suitability).
    TASK 6: Presenting the Lion King show Information for the Customer    
Level 3  
(a) Combine text, graphics and to present the Lion King
      information for the customer.
Level 4
(a) Show awareness of the intended purpose & audience
      when presenting the Lion King show trip information
      for the customer.
(b) Combine text, graphics and images in a consistent style
      to help suggest meaning.
(c) Use appropriate colours, fonts and layouts.
(d) Explain which aspects of the presentation work well and
     suggest improvements to other aspects.
(e) Explain how the presentation could be changed for a
      different audience.
Level 5
(a) Take into account the needs of the purpose & audience
      when presenting the Lion King show trip information for
      the customer.
(b) Suggest and carry out improvements to the presentation
      and justify the choices made.
(c) Change the presentation to suit the need of a different
Level 6
(a) Adapt the information to include animation & sound so it
     can be presented for the customer on their smart phone.
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'I CAN' Sheet
This is your AFL (Assessment for Learning) sheet that tells you what evidence you have to show to achieve a particular level, and what you have to do to get to the next level.
'I CAN' Sheet
This is your AFL (Assessment for Learning) sheet that tells you what evidence you have to show to achieve a particular level, and what you have to do to get to the next level.
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Internet Glossary A copy of the Searching for Information key words and definintions below.
Word Bingo Print & select a Bingo Card (upto 30 can play), cross words off when they show!
Wordsearch Traditional Wordsearch! (NEEDS TO BE PRINTED)
ICT Dictionary You can look up the meanings of words for all ICT (not just this project)
Searching for Information Information about searching the Internet.
Reliability of Information Information on how to check the reliability of information on the Internet
HOMEWORKS (You need to print these out)
Homework 1
Searching URLs
Homework 2
Homework 3
Searching for Adverts
Homework 4
Effective Searching 1
Homework 5
Effective Searching 2


Access :
Find information



Acknowledge Source of Information:
Recognise where you got the information from.

Changing something.

Favouring one side of an argument over another.

Show how the facts or ideas are Similar or Dissimilar.

Cross Reference:
Check to see is facts or ideas are the same in another information source.

Developing :
Build upon or add to.

Narrow Down.

A Personal Belief or Judgment.

Primary Source :
Original Information Source.


Secondary Source:
Information Source created using an Original Source.

Sources of Information:
Internet sites, books, or any place which provides information.

Right’ or ‘Fit’ for the job.

Accuracy + Reliability.

Different types.